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End of the XII Paralympic Summer Games in Athens
 Lastest Information
End of the XII Paralympic Summer Games in Athens(photo attached) [2004-09-29]
Cycling giants in Athens [2004-09-24]
Spain allow Finland a tie, but remain unbeaten [2004-09-24]
Brazil beats Russia and grabs top position [2004-09-24]
MEN: Triple tie in Pool B brings the USA in first place [2004-09-24]
A lifetime experience for a Slovak hero! [2004-09-24]
Football 7-a-side:Brazil and Ukraine top their groups [2004-09-24]
Paralympic Games first: Football - Five -a -Side(photos attached) [2004-09-21]
Cycling Track : Day 3 Medals and Flowers Presenters [2004-09-20]
AMICELLI got the approval to compete [2004-09-20]
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 About IPC
The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) [2004-05-13]
Vision and Mission [2004-05-13]
IPC Logo and Motto [2004-05-13]
History of Sport for Persons with a Disability [2004-05-13]
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 Paralympic Games
An introduction to emblems and mascots of Paralympic Games(photos attached) [2004-07-13]
Paralympic Games [2004-05-13]
Paralympic Summer Games [2004-05-13]
Achievements of Chinese Athletes in the Paralympic Games [2004-05-13]
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 Photo Gallery
Ms.Qi Kaili(on the right),a gold medalist at the FESPIC Games 1994, is making demonstration with table tennis lovers at the celebration occasion [2004-05-14]
A beautiful girl, wearing a sunbonnet on which the Chinese characters 'the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games' are written and holding a national flag, participates the celebration [2004-05-14]
Wheelchair Basketball [2004-05-14]
Crossing over the bar [2004-05-14]
The Seventh National Games for Disabled Persons held in Yunnan Province [2004-05-14]
Mr. Deng Pufang, Chairman of China Disabled Persons' Federation with Mr.Phil Craven, President of IPC [2004-05-14]
Deng Pufang,Yuan Weimin and and other officals from China Paralymic Committee and the State General Administration of Sport, attend the meeting on the Praralympic Summer Games [2004-05-14]
Disabled persons driving their vehicles among the parade for the application of the Olympic/Paralympic Games in 2008 [2004-05-14]
Ms. Bian Jianxin, from Inner Mongolia. She exceeded the world record 3 times and won the gold medal of 40kg group with a new record of 102.5kg during the occasion of the 11th Prarlympic Summer Games [2004-05-14]
Xie Yanhong, a person with a diasbility, swam the English Channel successfully,was received warmly by President Hu Jintao and other top leaders [2004-05-14]
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